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Microinterventions to increase
Psychological Safety at the workplace

Psychological safety is a fundamental prerequisite for team learning and innovation. Psychological safety exists when team members view the team as a safe environment to „take risks“ – e.g., admitting mistakes, speaking their minds, or making unusual suggestions.

The Psych Safety Training Programme

In order for teams to be able to foster their Psychological Safety in a targeted manner, we have developed a training program that we make available here.

The Psych Safety Training is a complete program that can autonomously be applied by teams. In 24 exercises, behaviours that contribute to psychological safety are explored and practised. The time required is 15 minutes per exercise.

Psych Safety Training Programme_Titelblatt_EN.png

The Specialist Course

In cooperation with Skillsgarden AG, the Bern University of Applied Sciences will be offering the specialist course “facilitator for psychological safety” for the 2nd time from March 2024.

Interested parties can learn more about the concept of psychological safety and how it can be promoted in teams and organizations.

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